A group of professors from different Universities in America wanted to see the school site as they plan to support the project. The main purpose of the discussion was the difference educators can make in educating talented low-income girls. 

An important part of the trip is to confirm the beauty of the future site and its suitability for a school. Founder Mary explained to the team how rural and undeveloped the area is and a great place for practical projects for the students, and how Top of the Hill Girls Secondary School would help the students not just aim at achieving the best , but help others along the way.


Founder Mary gave presentation in Kenya to business men, educators, lawyers and the governor of the counter the school would be build. 

Mary emphasized the need of gender equity through education.  She described the proposed curriculum that is designed to help learners engage with their communities through entrepreneur, leadership, and other problem-solving abilities. 

Reforming the education approach from memorization to competence and skill based was the main discussion of the meeting. The group discussed ways of marketing the school once built. The founder explained that she plans to train teachers on competence-based education. The group raised funds on the spot and promised to help more in the future.

2018 April, founder Mary met the IT team of Yale University, she shared her own childhood stories, introduced the current situation of Kenya girls, and the vision and mission of Top of the Hill Girls secondary school. The IT team of Yale University agreed to support in fundraising activities in New Haven.

Mary explained the power of educating girls with quality education.  Educating 500 girls at full capacity with quality education can change the culture in the developing counties.

Mary discussed the motivation of starting the school as a way of giving back the gift her father gave her in educating her, she further explained that she is one of 11 siblings and with her education she was able to educate her family.  She is convinced that model can work at the national level.