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Vision, Mission, & Objectives

Professor Mary Murimi, Ph.D

A Vision for Top of the Hill

Our Vision

To establish and scale a transformational 21st century Senior School Education system for female learners to be women of noble character, responsible citizens, and competent professionals.

Our Mission

To develop a culturally and socially relevant education system for girls that eliminate barriers to a high-quality education by employing innovative teaching methods and research-based instructional strategies implemented by highly-trained teaching professionals.


Learner-centric Education

Develop a learner-centric educational system that will foster critical thinking, entrepreneurship, collaboration, creativity, problem solving and civic responsibility.

Competency-based Education

Implement a competency-based curriculum that pairs theoretical understanding and transferable skills using a variety of learning environments and strategies.

Skilled Teaching Staff

Recruit and train a motivated teaching staff on competency-based education for student success.

Prepare Students for Success in Life

Prepare students for life, rather than an exam, by fostering self-efficacy, community participation, providing leadership opportunities, and aligning education to civic and professional business opportunities.

Access to Quality Education for All Girls

Ensure access to quality education for learners living with disabilities and poverty by designing infrastructural adaptations and financial assistance for qualifying students.

Value-based Education Founded on Christian Principles

Impart life skills and value-based education by designing a learning environment that combines academic rigor with character education founded upon a Christian worldview.

Empower and Mentor Girls to Succeed

Empower and mentor girls to think globally, and to successfully occupy their space in the 21st century marketplace.

Internship and Practicum Opportunities

Create internships and practicum opportunities by partnering with employers and private organizations to prepare learners for personal and professional success.

Develop Community Partnerships

Develop partnerships with parents, local communities, private schools, and the government, to leverage resources, expertise, and collective efforts to maximize the impact of our educational initiatives.

Include Outdoor Learning

Practice good stewardship of the land that houses Top of the Hill school as we rely on the school land for outdoor activities.

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