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Mary Murimi, Ph.D., RD, LDN

Dr. Murimi is Professor of Nutrition in the College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech University, Past President for the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior, Past Associate Editor for the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, and Past Chancellor of Daystar University in Kenya Africa. Dr. Murimi’s research focuses on understanding the effects of the community environment on the nutrition status of the residents, and identifying coping strategies for food insecurity and factors that influence dietary behavior, especially among low-income populations.

Recently, Dr. Murimi’s research has evolved to the study of usage of native vegetables in Africa to combat food insecurity and looking at ways of combating stunting in selected communities in Bangladesh. She has reported the findings of her research nationally and internationally with over 50 presentations in either oral, or publications at peer reviewed scientific journals. Dr. Murimi has received numerous recognitions for her achievements including the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior mid-career achievement award.

Mary with the governor of Laikipia county

and personal story line

Kenya is inundated with secondary schools at all levels, so one might ask why another girls secondary school? Two major issues motivate me to start this system. First, Top of the Hill National Science and Technology School is not just a school – it is a demonstration of a school system reform. As stated elsewhere, the Kenyan secondary school is knowledge based with a bottlenecked national exam at the end of the four years. Failure to make enough grades to progress to a university or colleges leaves approximately 50 % of the candidates with no other alternative except to repeat or give up. This proposed system will not only help more students to advance to higher education, but the remaining will be given tools to make profitable lives in their communities. The second motivation is the gap between boys and girls that are progressing to the university level or to a profitable career. Girls and women are still left behind in all sectors of life in Kenya. Being one of the few who was fortunate to have a father who was determined to provide education to all his children regardless of their gender; I am compelled to give back by providing an educational platform to other talented and low-income girls.


My motivation for developing this school is to give back the gift of education, that was given to me by a determined father.
Dr. Mary Murimi
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